Your secret relaxation Mp3 is the antidote to stress. The most underrated way to powerful easy stress relief.



Your secret relaxation Mp3 is the antidote to stress.

To get the most powerful, fastest acting, easiest stress relief now you must have high quality relaxation for at least 15 mins per day, using special relaxation Mp3 or CD. In this fast paced world I know we all want quick fixes and many companies and marketing campaigns pander to that want..Ive seen it in this industry with claims of techniques to reduce stress in 2 minutes etc. This is highly unlikely because the reality is you need to do this regularly to slowly but surely change the balance between the stress system (sympathetic nervous system) and the relaxation system (parasympathetic nervous system).

When you are chronically stressed the sympathetic system is turned up high and the parasympathetic is down low…so your brain, emotions, hormones and body is in a state of constant fight/flight…the stress state that is literally poisoning you with stress chemicals and creating all the symptoms of stress.

Now the good news, which is the second secret is that you do have this built-in relaxation system and you can turn it up and turn down the stress system.

The next bit of good news is the third secret which is brainwave entrainment is a very fast and effective way of switching on the relaxation system. Brainwave entrainment is specially modulated sound that slows your brainwaves and puts you into a deeply relaxed state without you having to do anything other than close your eyes lay back and listen through your headphones to the special CD or Mp3 . This balances your autonomic nervous system and gets rid of all that bad stress….without having to learn a meditation or relaxation technique.

Why is this so good? Simply because when you are stressed it is much harder to learn anything and the hardest thing to learn is to meditate or relax when you are stress…they are the antithesis of each other.

It doesn’t happen in 2 mins but what does happen is that if you do a high quality relaxation session you will turn on your relaxation system and drain away some of the built-up stress you are carrying. So you will feel calm, relaxed yet switched on and happy. Now depending on your life circumstances, your physiology, attitudes and how stressed you are… that will last for hours or days.

However this gets better the more you listen to the relaxation Mp3 or CD!!! So they get deeper, feel more deeply relaxing and revitalising and the effects last longer. Because with each session your relaxation system is turned up a little and your stress system is turned down a little. So over time they balance up again and you feel calm, happy, switched on and in control. With each session you drain away a little more of that bad stress poison you are carrying around with you that is making you sick.

So thats why its so important to do it each day….and if you can twice or three times a day and you will feel better much faster.

Remember this is YOUR time to care for yourself. You are no good to yourself or your loved ones if your stressed.

If you have any questions or requests email me at jonathan@relaxationforme.com

Remember you don’t need to be stressed buy a relaxation mp3 or CD now and start feeling great.

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  1. I can’t but agree.I always wanted to write in my site something like that but I guess you’r faster.

  2. Karen Duddy says:

    I made a video about this, would you consider looking at it and maybe leaving a comment on what you think about it? (I left the url in the “website” box) thank you!

  3. Excelente material.

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    yes where is it?



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    Yeah i know the feeling. Whats your site about?



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    Thanks if there is anything I can help you with let me know.



  7. Jonathan Banks says:

    Hey thats great. I went back to Uni and was doing a 75% load and working full time. The thing that got me thru was high quality relaxation. Not just survive but Distinction all the way. If I can help in any way let me know. Good luck.



  8. I observed you from YouTube and I ought to say that I appreciate your web site. Kudos so significantly.

  9. Jonathan Banks says:

    Thanks very much. What sort of biofeedback do you do?

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