What can Alpha Meditation Do for You


The effects of engaging in deep relaxation using the Alpha audio Pack (Get your copy in CD or MP3 format here) or the entire Stress Antidote Pack is definitely long term. Here’s Tesia Pawlus as she shares her insight after using this for quite a while.

People have said that one can watch their thoughts to stop the mind from thinking. I do not watch my thought, have no idea on how to do this nor do I want to know. I do control them, am (a very new) Master of my mind in a way. I am able at will to switch off a thought and just be present. It’s very empowering and tranquility is present in being at the moment I am living.

With this comes another interesting surprise; I have people naturally gravitating towards me, treating me differently, looking at me as if my persona is radiating. I have been told by a few people that I look different and what have I done to achieve it. My partner looks at me in amazement at what I have achieved and how different I look.

I have not read much, in fact very little (no Power of Now, no books on meditation), no process to expect or that, this comes first then that – no prescribed methods. Perhaps this is a very good thing for nothing has been forced nor expected; therefore nothing inhibited or curbed my path. I do not expect things to happen, they are a natural progression because of my Alpha mediation, also from time to time I deliberately focus on my third eye during meditation to further my intuition – and am pleasantly surprised at the results.

A comment regarding the ego, hmm I did have a huge ego, as much as I was always in denial of this, makes a great deal of sense, that now its perhaps surfacing in dreams. I am having lucid dreams. The dreams are like flash cards, they seem to be one after another, mostly of things I have seen during the day, a piece of fruit, a smiling face, the sea, my lounge room, kitchen, a cup, a kettle, an article of clothing, people I came across during the day; nothing in-depth. I want to keep these dreams as I never used to recall dreams, only ones where my dream warned me of an occurrence or where it played a nasty ego thought which I manifested to its fullest in awake time, usually playing on my fears! I was lucky to recall 5 dreams a year. This is a new occurrence for me and yes in time will use it as a tool to find answers if I need!

All I know is that I feel different, am present, aware and so very, very calm! Enjoying my real bliss!


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