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Throughout history, ancient prophecy has predicted the turbulent times upon us now. Transformations are unfolding faster than we can possibly keep up with. With all these drastic changes happening all around us, we are compelled to change as well; evolve, transform. This constant struggle to adapt to our ever-changing environment is placing heavy demands upon us: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Escape is not an option. Stress can creep in and affect your life.

Listening to entrancing music with alpha binaural brainwave entrainment is the gateway to inner calm and tranquillity. Scientific evidence has revealed that listening to this type of music is one of the most powerful ways to recalibrate your sense of self and well being.

Many satisfied customers have their own share of problems and my Alpha meditation got them through it. This has helped countless of people rise above stressful life events and experience. With regular use you’ll be able to discharge negative energies and become relaxed, calm, energized, switched on and of course, stress-free.

Jonathan your Alpha has been the most effective CD I have ever used. I don’t know why it has the wonderful effect it does as I have a small pile of alpha/gamma/delta tapes, none of which have the same effect and which now sit unused in my CD library.  I am really delighted.  I have purchased the download of the original tape so that you aren’t out of pocket. It was a blessing in disguise to receive this…thank you!” Gypsy

Begin your positive transformation by listening to this FREE Alpha Brainwave Entrainment Music sample.

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