Tips for Calming your Mind


Here is what we know about how to influence the mind-body and the body-mind system. Consider these essential survival skills. You cannot thrive without them!

  1. Calm your mind with high-quality deep relaxation. Image courtesy of Ambro /

    Address the Underlying Causes of Stress
    Find the biological causes of problems with the mind by working on the Keys to Ultra Wellness. Mercury toxicity, magnesium or vitamin B12 deficiency, toxic gut chemical, or a gluten allergy could be changing your brain. So, by changing your body, you can change your mind!
  2. Relax
    Learn how to actively relax. To engage the powerful forces of the mind on the body, you must do something
    you can’t just sit there watching television, playing computer games, surfing the net or drinking alcohol. Think of the times you did this and chances are you became more stressed and the status quo remained; nothing changed!
  3. Learn New Skills
    Try learning new skills such as meditation, deep breathing, yoga, biofeedback, and progressive muscle relaxation or take a hot bath, make love, get a massage, watch a sunset, or walk in the woods or on the beach.
  4. Move Your Body
    Exercise is a powerful, well-studied way to burn off stress chemicals and heal the mind, so just do it! It has been proven to be better than or equal to Prozac for treating depression.
  5. Optimize Your Nutrition
    Clean up your diet from mind-robbing molecules like caffeine, alcohol, and refined sugars and eat regularly to avoid the short-term stress of starvation on your body.
  6. Supplement
    Take a multivitamin and nutrients to help balance the stress response, such as vitamin C; the B-complex vitamins, including B6 and B5 or pantothenic acid; zinc; and most important, magnesium, the relaxation mineral.
  7. Try Herbs
    Use adaptogenic herbs (herbs that help you adapt and balance your response to stress) such as ginseng, Rhodiola rosea, Siberian ginseng, cordyceps, and ashwagandha.
  8. Use Heat Therapy
    Take a hot bath or a sauna to help your body deeply relax and turn on the relaxation response.
  9. Change Your Beliefs
    Examine your beliefs, attitudes, and responses to common situations and consider re-framing your point of view to reduce stress.
  10. Find a Community
    Consciously build your network of friends, family, and community. They are your most powerful allies in achieving long-term health.

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