Here are a few of the testimonials from our previous customers.

“Initially I was quite sceptical….. after about four uses however I noticed an increasing relaxation. In my opinion this is very useful for high performance, deep relaxation and possibly pain management.” Dr Paul Wildman


“I find the CDs very useful for myself for relaxation and meditation. I use them with my patients to quickly facilitate a relaxed state that opens them up to the healing process.” Graham Killoran – Psychologist


“I find it very relaxing and excellent for stress. It takes your mind off things.” Roslyn Walker – Therapist.


My client was very depressed and having panic attacks, was unable to relax and had poor sleep. The CDs improved his sleep, increased his energy and eliminated panic attacks. There has been substantial all round improvement. Jenny Jenkins Naturopath’


“The CDs have improved my sleep. They are very relaxing to use after work, it helps me to unwind and has increased my energy.” Sam Parfumi – Accounts Manager


“I feel amazing things when using the CDs. It makes me more relaxed and I have more energy. It has been great.” Gordon Lowe – Lecturer


“I have been using the Pain Management and the Deep Relaxation CDs produced by Jonathan Banks for a number of years now. I find they are an excellent adjunct to the counselling and hypnotherapy that I use with private clients, many of whom have work related injuries and are in chronic pain or are suffering stress and anxiety. I have made my own CDs in the past to give to clients, however now I use these in preference as I find the sound in the background of the CDs to be extremely powerful in inducing relaxation. Feedback from my clients indicates those with extreme anxiety or high levels of stress report that the calming effect from listening to the Deep Relaxation CD is of great benefit to them and helps them with sleep at night. I would highly recommend these CDs to healthcare professionals as a useful and powerful tool for assisting their clients to calm themselves and learn to relax.” Jackie Dakin – Psychologist


“This is the best brainwave entrainment I have ever heard. Its excellent and much better than the renowned Holosync CDs. I have used the Alpha CD with my clients and they love it for incredible relaxation.” Steve Lewis Life Coach


“I have used the Alpha CD quite a bit and find it such a lovely calming, relaxing experience it has become my friend, I have found it to be nothing short of a miracle for relieving stress.” Jenny walsh Teacher


“I use the Deep Relaxation CD before sleep and relax very quickly. Its a great way to go to sleep, I sleep very well and feel more alert in the morning.” Deb Copley


I am using the Deep Relaxation CD before work and before sleep. Normally I go to bed at midnight because I’m afraid of thinking too much and not sleeping. The CD has enabled me to go to bed earlier and get off to sleep easily. I am so much calmer and happier now.” Marina Moffa


“When I use the CD I become completely relaxed and feel warmth. I wake up feeling positive and confident, ready to start the day.” Willie Simmons


“The Deep Relaxation CD is awesome for sleep, I’ve never heard the end of the CD.” Jaime McKinnon


“I thought maybe you would like some feedback. I admit I was sceptical. However the change in my daughter has been obvious. She is a high intensity, high energy, high need kid who was hard work.

I tried other approaches to help shift her thinking (shark thoughts/dolphin thoughts etc). Nothing seemed to work, only to drive one of us to exploding out of frustration. Usually me!! We have been using Alpha at night for about a month now and I can see the changes. She seems to be a calmer, more balanced kid after only a month.

Hopefully this calmer more balanced kid feels more capable of facing life’s challenges. Thanks.Sarah Halcrow Mother