Stress de-tunes your brain and body. Retune with a Relaxation Mp3.


Retune with a relaxation mp3.

An interesting way of looking at the spectrum of emotional and cognitive issues we face as well as what underpins peak performance is the way the brain tunes itself and how it de-tunes. The brain is like a musical instrument. It is physically robust but on a tuning level it is delicate and some people’s brains are more delicate than others. Just like a musical instrument that doesn’t sound right when it is out of tune, small changes in the brain’s tuning can lead to problems.

We know in the neurotraining field (brainwave biofeedback) that our brains can be de-tuned by cranio and cervical misalignment, shock/trauma, long term stress, accumulated minor bumps to the head, high fevers in childhood, toxins in the environment and food, chemicals in food, electromagnetic pollution and for the metaphysicians energetic and psychic pollution.

The various ways these de-tuned states manifest is the whole raft of disorders categorised by medicine and psychology. The brains tuning is more fundamental than its chemistry so processes that help the brain re-tune itself have a deep and long term effect.  Stress and all its symptoms both cause and are a result of the brain de-tuning and because it controls the nervous system and body then your health suffers too.

 The simplest, easiest and most low cost way to help your brain re-tune itself is using brainwave entrainment in a relaxation mp3 or relaxtion cd. A more powerful and in-depth way is using brainwave biofeedback where a brainwave map is made first and the training is based on what it reveals.


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