Start your Day Right


One way or the other, before you start your day, you already have a plan in mind.

“Today I will have bacon, eggs, and toast for breakfast while reading the paper.”
“After taking a shower, I will wear this and pair it with these shoes.”
“I need to get to work by 8:30am so I won’t take the freeway.”
“Later tonight, I’ll pick up my wife from work and have dinner at XYZ restaurant.”

Notice how specific that was? When your mind is filled with your intention accompanied by specific scenarios, you’ll find yourself automatically doing things that demonstrate your commitment to that intention. You have a mission and these are your objectives in order to accomplish them.

Be careful don’t try and be a superhuman and over do the intentions as you will have the opposite effect!! You have to set intentions that you’ve got a good chance of accomplishing, so this helps to de-stress you and build your self-confidence from feeling more in control and having a greater sense of accomplishment.

Add to these to do in the world intentions, behavioural intentions like, today I’m going to:

  • smile more
  • say hello to more people or a specific person
  • give and/or ask for a hug
  • take a deep breath and smile if someone does something annoying

You get the idea. Try it and you will be surprised how it helps.

Not only will this start your day right, the positive feeling of accomplishment will affect you until the following day. Once this becomes a habit, that positive energy won’t easily go away.

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