The Best Relaxation Techniques for Stress!

Silhouette of man practicing relaxation techniques

Relaxation technique. Image by markuso/

It’s a no brainer that relaxation is indeed important in our lives. The human body is not like a machine you can turn on and never shut down. At one point, it will overheat and break down. And when it does, we are headed for trouble. Through relaxation exercises, we can rejuvenate our mind and body which would help us do our tasks better afterwards.

To get the most powerful, fastest acting, easiest stress relief now, you must engage in high quality relaxation techniques for at least 15 minutes per day.

Now in this fast paced world, I know we all want quick fixes and many companies and marketing campaigns pander to that want. I’ve seen it in this industry with claims of techniques in stress reduction within 2 minutes etc. This is highly unlikely because the reality is you need to do this regularly to slowly but surely change the balance between the stress system (sympathetic nervous system) and the stress reduction or relaxation system (parasympathetic nervous system).

When you are chronically stressed, the sympathetic system is turned up high and the parasympathetic is down low so your brain, emotions, hormones and body is in a state of constant fight/flight. This state is literally poisoning you with stress chemicals and creating all the symptoms of stress.

Now the good news is that you do have this built-in relaxation system and you can turn it up and turn down the stress system with proven relaxation techniques.

The next bit of good news is that brainwave entrainment is a very fast and effective way of switching on the relaxation system and balancing up your autonomic nervous system and getting rid of all that bad stress. Learn how to relax by getting my Stress Antidote pack here.

It doesn’t happen in 2 minutes but what does happen is that if you do a high quality relaxation technique with my Stress Antidote pack, you will turn on your relaxation system and drain away some of the built-up stress you are carrying. So you will feel calm, relaxed yet switched on and happy. Now depending on your life circumstances, your physiology, attitudes and how stressed you are… that will last for hours or days.

However, this gets better the more you do your relaxation exercises! They get deeper, feel more deeply relaxing and revitalizing, and the effects last longer. This is because with each session your relaxation system is turned up a little and your stress system is turned down a little. So over time, they balance up again and you feel calm, happy, switched on and in control. With each session you drain away a little more of that bad stress poison you are carrying around with you that is making you sick.

So that’s why it’s so important to do it each day. And if you can do it twice or three times a day and you will feel better much faster. Remember this is YOUR time to care for yourself. You should start teaching yourself how to relax. You are no good to yourself or your loved ones if you’re stressed. Go ahead and treat yourself to a high quality relaxation CD or relaxation Mp3.

Remember you don’t need to be stressed. Get two FREE samples of my relaxation Mp3 and a free report total value $29.95 yours absolutely FREE. Or, buy my Stress Antidote pack (with 5 titles for the price of 4) and start draining that stress away today.

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