I’m sure by now you fully understand that chronic stress is bad for you. But exactly what can it do to our body?

The National Institute of Mental Health reports:

  • Stress can cause anxiety disorders especially for women
  • Anxiety disorders frequently co-occur with:
    • depressive disorders
    • eating disorders
    • substance abuse
  • Stress increases the risk of disease or worsens it if you already have it like:
    • allergies and food intolerances
    • Autoimmune diseases (eg. Crones disease, arthritis, psoriasis, asthma)
    • heart disease and blood pressure
    • gastrointestinal disorders (e.g. irritable bowel)
    • inflammatory and neurodegenerative diseases (e.g. multiple sclerosis)
    • diabetes type I and II
    • age-related diseases including Alzheimer’s
    • major depression
    • mental decline and concentration impairment
    • osteoporosis
    • metabolic syndrome
    • thyroid problems and Graves disease
    • Obesity
  • In another study, doctors found out that stress seemed to accelerate aging about 9 to 17 additional years.
  • Stress causes conflict in relationships, home and work.

Think about it, by being stressed, you expose yourself to a truckload of diseases and side effects which in turn, contribute to the stress you are currently undergoing. You have to find a way to save yourself from all of these. And lucky for you, the answer is simple: high-quality deep relaxation or meditation.

Just a reminder about deep relaxation. It’s a form a meditation that is excellent for stress and recovery as you are laying down so your whole body relaxes. It’s often under rated as we hear all the time about meditation but believe me my 25 years working with clients has shown how useful it is. In yoga it’s called yoga nidra and forms an important part of overall practice.

By engaging in deep, high-quality relaxation and meditation, you avoid further complications of stress. You are able to ward off potential health risk and disruptions in your personal and professional life.

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Stress is not just a personal problem. In fact, you could say that this is a worldwide epidemic. All over the world, young and old people are experiencing chronic stress. According to the American Psychological Association:

  • 44% of Americans experience significant level of stress; 20% report experiencing “a great deal of stress.”
  • More women experience “a great deal of stress” than men.
  • More men and women aged 18-33 (called Millennials) have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety disorders compared to older generations.
  • More than 70% of Millennials say that work and money are the top sources of stress
  • 52% say stress has kept them awake at night
  • In the past five years, 60% of those surveyed have tried to reduce their stress; 53% are still trying.

These numbers will continue to rise in the next few years because of numerous socio-economic factors. Many people turn to music, playing video games, surfing the net or spending time with their family to cope up with stress.

One highly effective stress management technique is listening to specialized binaural brainwave entrainment frequencies in the Alpha range that easily and consistently put you into a state of deep relaxation. Alpha brainwave entrainment triggers your built in stress antidote system (parasympathetic nervous system) that is designed to stop the build up of chronic stress.

High quality deep relaxation is essential to deal with stress no matter what other behavioural and lifestyle strategies you are using.

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Let me start of by clarifying one thing. Meditation is not something faith-associated. Whether you’re a Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, new age spiritual, shamanic or even atheist or agnostic you can practice meditation.

With that said, allow me to share with you a powerful way to elevate your meditation and your life: blessings. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, blessing means “something that helps you or brings happiness”. Therefore, when I say “be a blessing to others”, I simply mean you should bring happiness to others. 

From a spiritual perspective, when you initiate a blessing, you’re channelling energy from a source greater than you towards someone else.  From an atheists perspective you are activating your prefrontal lobes where empathy compassion and joy are mediated. This strengthens both your connection to your inner self and allows you to attract more of what you want and repel less of what you don’t. Simply open enthusiastic empathic people create a positive vibe around them.

In our stressful environment, being a blessing to others is hard. Frankly, it’s easier to become a source of stress compared to becoming a source of blessing to others. But we can change that. Here are some tips you can do while practicing meditation.

  1. Depending on your beliefs, ask your desired source of energy for a blessing. You can ask the Universe, or God, Allah, Shiva, Vishnu, or your inner self. For the purposes of this meditation, there is no right or wrong energy source; there is only what works for you. A recent New Scientist article discussed the research into a form of mindfulness meditation like this based on loving kindness practiced by atheists which demonstrated many positive results.


  2. Visualise an infinite positive stream of energy flowing from your chosen source and into your body. Feel how this energy empowers you to live your purpose and manifest your ideal life. Or if you prefer just imagine a sense of peaceful loving kindness perhaps as a colour filling you. Visualise yourself and people you know friends and even foes smiling and happy. Wish everyone happiness and goodwill. For the spiritual and religious wish them well on their spiritual journey and bless them.


  3. After your meditation session, visualize this positive energy flowing outside your body towards the people around you or just imagine the colour you used in your meditation remaining with through your day. You will soon notice that you smile more, and have a cheerful and positive attitude. I did this years ago with someone I had fallen out with and after a month or so was amazed to see a big change in that person towards me and I never told them what I had been doing.

Being a source of blessing is very beneficial for you. Not only will you have a feel-good perspective towards the things you do, it will also reflect on the people you are dealing with. They absorb your positive energy and it rebounds back to you.

Basically it creates a positive vibe around you and more people more of the time are nice and cooperative with you and less people less often are negative and uncooperative. Not only does it lessen conflict in your life but it will help to resolve it quicker. Let’s face it we live in a world with 6 billion people and we can’t exit as an island so the more cooperation and the less conflict from strangers, co-workers, bosses, family and friends the happier and more confident you feel. Not to mention the physical health benefits!

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Throughout history, ancient prophecy has predicted the turbulent times upon us now. Transformations are unfolding faster than we can possibly keep up with. With all these drastic changes happening all around us, we are compelled to change as well; evolve, transform. This constant struggle to adapt to our ever-changing environment is placing heavy demands upon us: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Escape is not an option. Stress can creep in and affect your life.

Listening to entrancing music with alpha binaural brainwave entrainment is the gateway to inner calm and tranquillity. Scientific evidence has revealed that listening to this type of music is one of the most powerful ways to recalibrate your sense of self and well being.

Many satisfied customers have their own share of problems and my Alpha meditation got them through it. This has helped countless of people rise above stressful life events and experience. With regular use you’ll be able to discharge negative energies and become relaxed, calm, energized, switched on and of course, stress-free.

Jonathan your Alpha has been the most effective CD I have ever used. I don’t know why it has the wonderful effect it does as I have a small pile of alpha/gamma/delta tapes, none of which have the same effect and which now sit unused in my CD library.  I am really delighted.  I have purchased the download of the original tape so that you aren’t out of pocket. It was a blessing in disguise to receive this…thank you!” Gypsy

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A ‘free’ translation by John Anster of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s “Faust” lines 214-30 states:

"Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative and creation, there is one elementary truth the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now."

Commitment is a key word in this wonderful quote. It tells us that if one is committed, things fall into plan and everything becomes possible. If we are committed to do something, we acquire a certain level of confidence and determination that allows us to achieve what we want. This is the “genius, power, and magic” referred in this quotation.

If you want to be stress-free, you have to be committed to the task of freeing yourself from stress. You have to believe in it. No hesitation whatsoever. Having this mindset will begin the process.

The most important and fundamental thing you need to commit to is regular practice of deep relaxation or meditation. This is the first thing you must do to begin the process. I can’t emphasise this enough and it comes from my personal and professional experience.

It will put you in better shape (mental, emotional, physical, energetic) to go on and look at your life and be able to do the life and behavioural changes to remove stressors and/or change your attitude and behaviour (reactions) to the stressors you can’t change.

Deep relaxation drains away chronic stress and is essential to get you fit to deal with this. When you feel brighter mentally have more energy feel happier and more confident that’s what i mean by being fitter. It makes it so much easier to deal with anything. Otherwise trying to deal with stressors in your life can seem too hard and become just another stressor in your life.

Through constant exposure to high-quality deep relaxation and meditation, you gain confidence and inner peace, thus allowing you to visualize new goals and become committed in achieving them. And ultimately, you achieve these goals and become a winner in life.

Get the perfect tool to help you achieve your goals today. Purchase the complete Stress Antidote pack (with 5 titles for the price of 4) available in CD and MP3 for high-quality deep relaxation and meditation.

We live in a fast-paced world and unfortunately for most of us, we try to live a fast life as well. We try our best to do everything faster, quicker. We become like computers running so many programs at the same time. I’m sure you know this isn’t healthy at all. Think about it. If computers break down after long period of use, what do you expect from people?

Through meditation, we go inward and create from our deepest self, what we need and want. These wants and needs then manifests automatically, without struggle or effort from you.  There’s a proverb from the Katho Upanishad that says "By standing still we overtake those who are running." This doesn’t mean you don’t have to put effort into making things happen in your life. It means you can do more by being calmer and stiller inside and by using the power of your mind.

This concept goes against everything we’ve been doing. We have always believed that by moving faster and doing more, we accomplish more. But the truth is you just become more over-aroused within, which leads to many inner and outer negative consequences. This in turn slows down your efforts or even sabotages them.

This is not just a metaphysical or spiritual concept. A great deal of very good scientific research has now demonstrated in professional sport that a certain mind state known as “the zone’ produces the greatest athletic achievement. It’s a state of focused calm where mind, body and action flow. It has also been demonstrated in the performing arts for musicians and dancers for creative expression and technical ability. It has also been demonstrated with academics enhancing creativity to produce breakthroughs with their research projects.

Here are three steps towards better manifestations of your goals.

  1. Enter the Imaginarium. Imagine what would make you feel fulfilled and satisfied. Seek within yourself what you want, what you long for, what’s missing, what you desire the most.
  2. Give yourself permission to yearn. Yearning is a powerful energy that you can use to bring your desires into reality. Do not live in fear that you won’t accomplish your goals. Yearning gives you passion and the drive to achieve what you long for.
  3. Concretise the fulfilment of your desire. Make it real in your mind. Believe that it is real. Create a whole body-mind experience that allows you to grasp your desires that the lines between reality and fantasy are totally blurred.

Practicing meditation for 10 – 30 minutes would definitely help you manifest your desires and goals. Begin your journey by purchasing the beautiful Alpha meditation which uses evocative, entrancing music with alpha binaural brainwave entrainment woven into its very fabric that effortlessly sweeps you away into a deep expansive state of meditative bliss. This is the best brainwave entrainment and music combination for meditation on the market.

Or try Rehearsal an upbeat positive guided meditation that delves into the treasure chest of your memories to find the jewels of success from your past and connects them to your vision, dreams and goals to create your yellow brick road to success supercharged with your emotional energy. The Alpha brainwave entrainment accesses you to deep altered states where mind and muscle programming occur.  With powerful subliminals to focus your unconscious mind use it to manifest your dreams whatever they may be.

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Start your Day Right

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One way or the other, before you start your day, you already have a plan in mind.

“Today I will have bacon, eggs, and toast for breakfast while reading the paper.”
“After taking a shower, I will wear this and pair it with these shoes.”
“I need to get to work by 8:30am so I won’t take the freeway.”
“Later tonight, I’ll pick up my wife from work and have dinner at XYZ restaurant.”

Notice how specific that was? When your mind is filled with your intention accompanied by specific scenarios, you’ll find yourself automatically doing things that demonstrate your commitment to that intention. You have a mission and these are your objectives in order to accomplish them.

Be careful don’t try and be a superhuman and over do the intentions as you will have the opposite effect!! You have to set intentions that you’ve got a good chance of accomplishing, so this helps to de-stress you and build your self-confidence from feeling more in control and having a greater sense of accomplishment.

Add to these to do in the world intentions, behavioural intentions like, today I’m going to:

  • smile more
  • say hello to more people or a specific person
  • give and/or ask for a hug
  • take a deep breath and smile if someone does something annoying

You get the idea. Try it and you will be surprised how it helps.

Not only will this start your day right, the positive feeling of accomplishment will affect you until the following day. Once this becomes a habit, that positive energy won’t easily go away.

Start your day right by listening to these two FREE samples of my high-quality deep relaxation sessions and a free report

Or purchase the complete Stress Antidote pack (with 5 titles for the price of 4) for high-quality deep relaxation and meditation. They will help you set and stick to your intensions.

Much like how a nice warm shower cleans your body, meditation cleanses your mind and soul. Meditation removes all the negative tension so you end up feeling recharged, focused, calm, and stress-free. And much like how the weather, the road, and our daily tasks can make us dirty, exposure to negative charges from our day to day life can make us feel stressed, agitated, and distracted.

Negative charges are negative emotions that stick with you after an encounter with someone or something. It could be a misunderstanding with a co-worker or an argument with your partner, or even a stranger who bumped you while walking, also what you hear, see and read. And just like a coffee stain in your clothes, negative charges can stick with you for a really long time. It can spoil your day, even your whole week. You can’t seem to do anything right. You are easily distracted and annoyed. It’s almost everything is extremely messed up and you can’t let your inner brilliance shine. How can you ‘remove this stain’?


According to Dr. Michael Barry, a pastor and author of the book The Forgiveness Project, "Harboring these negative emotions, this anger and hatred, creates a state of chronic anxiety." He added that chronic anxiety very predictably produces excess adrenaline and cortisol, which deplete the production of natural killer cells which is your body’s foot soldier in the fight against disease. So how do you practice forgiveness?  Here are the steps.

  1. The first step is to visualize the source and scenario of your negative charge. Who gave you this negative charge? Try to build a clear and detailed image and replay the entire moment in your mind. Did you argue with your partner? Were you walking towards work?
  2. Next, try to fill your mind with positivity. (I hope you still remember how to do it.) This will help you calm down and ward off all negative emotions you felt earlier.
  3. Finally, visualize a scenario where you are with the source of your negative charge. Then imagine him or her asking for forgiveness and you accepting it. This may seem awkward but once you have received the apology you are looking for, your body chemistry and mindset will go back to its original state: focused, calm, and stress-free.
  4. If that’s too hard or too strange for you, try imagining yourself unaffected by the person or situation, you’re totally chilled and in a gracious confident way. Wish them well or just smile at the situation.

The process may seem to be hard at first. But with constant practice and help from listening to cutting-edge binaural brainwave entrainment frequencies in the alpha range, this task will be easier. Why? The more de-stressed and relaxed you are the easier it is to let go of negative charges and Dr James Hardt demonstrated with his research that alpha states directly increase and enhance your ability to forgive!

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When you want to be good at something, say in a certain sport, you train everyday and practice your skills. This is the best way you can improve in your chosen sport and excel in the future. But have you heard of a form of meditation that allows you to train your body without actually doing it? It’s called guided imagery meditation.

Often called creative visualization, guided imagery meditation can be described as a vivid daydream – you are asked to visualize a scenario and as you go on, you body and you mind experiences it as if it was real. Normally, this form of guided meditation uses a script designed to slowly lead you from one progressive state to the next.

The magic ingredient here that transforms it from just day dreaming to something useful and powerful is an Altered State of Consciousness. This is any form of internalised state of mind along with a relaxed body (eg. meditation, deep relaxation, self hypnosis, and trance).

Research with elite athletes has shown that their muscles produce micro-movements in response to visualizing shooting a free throw in basketball. Some studies have shown that visualization is as effective as actually practicing it!

Here are 3 tips while practicing guided imagery meditation

  1. Infuse emotion.

    For instance, if you imagine yourself enjoying a soothing spa, focus on the feeling of being immersed in warm water. Smell the aromatic candles and incense burning around you. Smile as you tilt your head in relaxation brought by your spa bath. Make it as real as possible. Be in it.

  2. Let Go
    While listening to the guided imagery script, you have to allow yourself to lose control a bit. Let the guide lead you to where you need to feel or do. If it tells you to visualize lying down on the grass, lie down. Do it without hesitation. Slowly, your pulse rate, breathing, and blood pressure will start to decrease and your body will experience a different kind of relaxation.
  3. Do it regularly
    Practice makes perfect. Your subconscious needs constant reminders, so do it as often as you can. Later on, as you close your eyes and listen to the guided meditation music, your body instantly responds with relaxation, healing, and positivity

Try Rehearsal which is designed to focus you on your goals, aspirations and vision whatever that may be. It also includes the Alpha meditation music along with the guided meditation. There are some instructions that go with it helping you to create a success inventory of past success as well as writing down some goals or a vision of your future and in Rehearsal the memories of past success are accessed and the emotion is connected to your goals or vision to supercharge the visualisation. This is a powerful method used by high achievers.

Another excellent title is Pain Management and Healing full of powerful guided imagery to manage pain and even heal whatever issue you have.

Experience for yourself the numerous benefits of guided imagery meditation. Start now with this FREE Alpha Brainwave Entrainment Music sample.

You can get all other titles to complete your guided imagery meditation experience, in the Stress Antidote pack 5 titles for the price of 4.

Wind down
Deep relaxation

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By this time, you now have a clear idea how much of your stress is caused by outside influences, and how much is caused by your own habits and perceptions. And as I’ve explained before, some of it actually comes from within you.

Allow me to share some great ways to deal with stress, whether the causes are from your outer circumstances or within you. First you could list all the stressors in your life in two columns… controllable and uncontrollable. In other words ones you can change by doing something different and ones you can’t change so you have to accept and change your perception of them.

  1. Take action to make changes.
    When a situation or person is causing you to feel stressed, you might be able to turn it around. Say, getting to work every day is stressful for you because of the traffic and other things. You can eliminate this by looking at the scenario; assess what needs to be changed for the good in order to avoid the situation. One simple solution is to avoid staying up late so you can get up early. Formulate a game plan and learn to adjust to it.
  2. Change your perception.
    In the movie ‘Smurfs 2’, Grouchy Smurf, during their mission, decided to change his perception about the things around him and turn positive. It wasn’t easy, as the strain on his face when smiling said it all, but he got there in the end. The lesson is you can change your perception if you choose to but you have to work at it. The more calm, energised and positive you feel the easier it is to change your perceptions and behaviours.
  3. Accept it.
    No one fought gravity and won. There are some things you cannot change. They are constant and will always exist as long as we live – things like traffic, weather, your family, in-laws, etc. The only thing we can do is accept and adapt. The more calm and switched on you are the more forgiving and accepting of self and others you are.

Remember, you can’t always change situations, so the challenge becomes to change yourself so it doesn’t bother you as much or at all. But one thing you can change is your stress levels. My Stress Antidote pack (in CD or MP3) can help you cope up with stress. Made with special binaural brainwave entrainment frequencies, listening to my Stress Antidote pack will give you deep profound physical and mental relaxation.

De-stressing, calming and energising yourself enables you to cope better with stress, as you are more confident and therefore better at taking action and less reactive.

You can start by downloading these two samples of my high-quality deep relaxation sessions and a free report (total value $29.95) absolutely for FREE.

Or get the complete Stress Antidote pack (with 5 titles for the price of 4) all available in CD or MP3 today.