On Meditation and Manifestation


We live in a fast-paced world and unfortunately for most of us, we try to live a fast life as well. We try our best to do everything faster, quicker. We become like computers running so many programs at the same time. I’m sure you know this isn’t healthy at all. Think about it. If computers break down after long period of use, what do you expect from people?

Through meditation, we go inward and create from our deepest self, what we need and want. These wants and needs then manifests automatically, without struggle or effort from you.  There’s a proverb from the Katho Upanishad that says "By standing still we overtake those who are running." This doesn’t mean you don’t have to put effort into making things happen in your life. It means you can do more by being calmer and stiller inside and by using the power of your mind.

This concept goes against everything we’ve been doing. We have always believed that by moving faster and doing more, we accomplish more. But the truth is you just become more over-aroused within, which leads to many inner and outer negative consequences. This in turn slows down your efforts or even sabotages them.

This is not just a metaphysical or spiritual concept. A great deal of very good scientific research has now demonstrated in professional sport that a certain mind state known as “the zone’ produces the greatest athletic achievement. It’s a state of focused calm where mind, body and action flow. It has also been demonstrated in the performing arts for musicians and dancers for creative expression and technical ability. It has also been demonstrated with academics enhancing creativity to produce breakthroughs with their research projects.

Here are three steps towards better manifestations of your goals.

  1. Enter the Imaginarium. Imagine what would make you feel fulfilled and satisfied. Seek within yourself what you want, what you long for, what’s missing, what you desire the most.
  2. Give yourself permission to yearn. Yearning is a powerful energy that you can use to bring your desires into reality. Do not live in fear that you won’t accomplish your goals. Yearning gives you passion and the drive to achieve what you long for.
  3. Concretise the fulfilment of your desire. Make it real in your mind. Believe that it is real. Create a whole body-mind experience that allows you to grasp your desires that the lines between reality and fantasy are totally blurred.

Practicing meditation for 10 – 30 minutes would definitely help you manifest your desires and goals. Begin your journey by purchasing the beautiful Alpha meditation which uses evocative, entrancing music with alpha binaural brainwave entrainment woven into its very fabric that effortlessly sweeps you away into a deep expansive state of meditative bliss. This is the best brainwave entrainment and music combination for meditation on the market.

Or try Rehearsal an upbeat positive guided meditation that delves into the treasure chest of your memories to find the jewels of success from your past and connects them to your vision, dreams and goals to create your yellow brick road to success supercharged with your emotional energy. The Alpha brainwave entrainment accesses you to deep altered states where mind and muscle programming occur.  With powerful subliminals to focus your unconscious mind use it to manifest your dreams whatever they may be.

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