Meditate and Be a Blessing to Others


Let me start of by clarifying one thing. Meditation is not something faith-associated. Whether you’re a Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, new age spiritual, shamanic or even atheist or agnostic you can practice meditation.

With that said, allow me to share with you a powerful way to elevate your meditation and your life: blessings. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, blessing means “something that helps you or brings happiness”. Therefore, when I say “be a blessing to others”, I simply mean you should bring happiness to others. 

From a spiritual perspective, when you initiate a blessing, you’re channelling energy from a source greater than you towards someone else.  From an atheists perspective you are activating your prefrontal lobes where empathy compassion and joy are mediated. This strengthens both your connection to your inner self and allows you to attract more of what you want and repel less of what you don’t. Simply open enthusiastic empathic people create a positive vibe around them.

In our stressful environment, being a blessing to others is hard. Frankly, it’s easier to become a source of stress compared to becoming a source of blessing to others. But we can change that. Here are some tips you can do while practicing meditation.

  1. Depending on your beliefs, ask your desired source of energy for a blessing. You can ask the Universe, or God, Allah, Shiva, Vishnu, or your inner self. For the purposes of this meditation, there is no right or wrong energy source; there is only what works for you. A recent New Scientist article discussed the research into a form of mindfulness meditation like this based on loving kindness practiced by atheists which demonstrated many positive results.


  2. Visualise an infinite positive stream of energy flowing from your chosen source and into your body. Feel how this energy empowers you to live your purpose and manifest your ideal life. Or if you prefer just imagine a sense of peaceful loving kindness perhaps as a colour filling you. Visualise yourself and people you know friends and even foes smiling and happy. Wish everyone happiness and goodwill. For the spiritual and religious wish them well on their spiritual journey and bless them.


  3. After your meditation session, visualize this positive energy flowing outside your body towards the people around you or just imagine the colour you used in your meditation remaining with through your day. You will soon notice that you smile more, and have a cheerful and positive attitude. I did this years ago with someone I had fallen out with and after a month or so was amazed to see a big change in that person towards me and I never told them what I had been doing.

Being a source of blessing is very beneficial for you. Not only will you have a feel-good perspective towards the things you do, it will also reflect on the people you are dealing with. They absorb your positive energy and it rebounds back to you.

Basically it creates a positive vibe around you and more people more of the time are nice and cooperative with you and less people less often are negative and uncooperative. Not only does it lessen conflict in your life but it will help to resolve it quicker. Let’s face it we live in a world with 6 billion people and we can’t exit as an island so the more cooperation and the less conflict from strangers, co-workers, bosses, family and friends the happier and more confident you feel. Not to mention the physical health benefits!

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