Live and Let Go


Live and let go

We all have our own share of struggles, failures, heartaches, and downfall.  You may have experienced getting fired, losing your job, a loss of a loved one, ending a long term relationship and so forth. The question is how do you recover?

Sigmund Freud states that there are generally three stages of the mourning:

  1. The loss of a loved one (or object)
  2. Withdrawal of energy into self
  3. Gradual reinvestment of the withdrawn energy into new people, objects or activities.

The last stage is where recovery comes in. Others call it acceptance. But the process that involves recovery is long and hard. I know.  I have experienced it myself several times. (Read one of those struggles right here).

One of the most common ways of recovery is by doing new things and reconnection with yourself. Meditation is a good way to do this, as it helps you:

  • deal with the stress of loss
  • make it easier to let go and do some pleasant nurturing things for yourself
  • reach out for support from friends

All this is essential and deep relaxation or meditation absolutely helps to facilitate this I know from my personal as well as professional experience with clients.

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