Job Insecurity Causing Stress and Anxiety


In Australia, a multi-disciplinary research body has warned stress and anxiety from job insecurity is threatening to become a major public health problem.

Job insecurity? Will work for food. Image from

With 40% of the Australian workforce now casually employed (this means no payed sick leave, no paid holiday pay, no set roster and you can be fired on the spot) this all adds up to an enormous amount of working people with low job security. In this situation people’s lives revolve around work, they don’t take holidays or days off when they are sick because they can’t afford it and are afraid they may lose their jobs.

This type of stress and anxiety and the lifestyle issues it creates leads to depression and heart disease.

The Australian economy has been equal; best with Germany for the last 5 years or so. The situation must be much worse in the USA, England and many European countries.

This current global economic slump is going to take many years to get better and probably will get worse before that happens. In these times of difficulty you must protect yourself from stress. The easiest, most cost effective and simplest way for you to do this is:

  • High-quality relaxation every day if only for just 15 minutes but 30 would be better.
  • A little exercise each day even if it’s just going for a walk
  • Eat fresh fruit and vegetables each day and stop eating junk and processed food and don’t over eat
  • Practice a little mindfulness during your day…nothing fancy just focus on what you are doing whatever it is and if you find yourself caught up in your thoughts just bring your attention back to what you’re doing.
  • Share a laugh and a hug with someone as often as possible

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