If you were relaxed you wouldn’t be stressed. Use the best relaxation mp3


man practicing stress management using yoga

Stress management. Image courtesy of Ambro / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I’m not being a smart alec but it’s just really underrated and misunderstood. In 99% of stress management tips or advice and techniques, deep relaxation is treated as just one of the strategies of the plan, like going for walks, taking up a hobby, etc. Some even say we are all different and it’s up to you if you do some sort of deep relaxation.

I believe this is wrong as deep relaxation is in a class of its own and should be the most important part of every stress management program.

Let me explain what I mean with an analogy. If your physically unfit the most basic and fundamental thing to do is become fit by exercising. This isn’t a reference to being mentally unfit this is an analogy with physical fitness that is easy to relate to.

So imagine a fitness program that taught all these strategies of how to deal with being unfit and put them together with exercises that actually get you fit and treated them as being the same. It’s easy to see they are not; actually exercising to get fit is in a class of its own.

You can still learn strategies to deal with being unfit like pacing yourself and having realistic expectations, goals, how to stretch and recover from muscle soreness, etc. But the fundamental core of eliminating being unfit is to get fit!

It’s the same with stress management. It’s like saying unfitness management. This is fundamentally misleading and wrong. The fundamental core of eliminating being stressed is becoming relaxed, which you achieve by doing deep relaxation exercises. It’s in a class of its own. Becoming relaxed is like actually exercising to become fit.

Remember if you were fit you wouldn’t be unfit. If you were relaxed you wouldn’t be chronically stressed.

Now the good news is that scientifically proven, powerful brainwave entrainment makes it so easy to do the relaxation exercise, as you don’t have to learn to do it!
I have developed the Stress Antidote pack. It is made up of 5 CDs or MP3s using this powerful new sound technology that effortlessly guides your brainwaves into a slower rhythm to produce profound mind and body relaxation simply by listening.

This quickly drains away built up stress, tension and fatigue leaving you feeling calmer, clearer, happier, more energized and confident. You are also guided through the most powerful relaxation while being supported and encouraged with positive, uplifting, calming, relaxing, stress relieving affirmations and visualizations.

Remember you don’t need to be stressed. Get my Stress Antidote pack now for powerful stress management guaranteed!

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