How to Take Control of Your Stress Response


Life is the sum of all your choices.  ~Albert Camus

desk flip guy in bad stress response

Desk Flip Guy (Rage Comics) – a bad example of how to take control of your stress response. Image by LEMMiNO/devianart

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As I have mentioned in my previous newsletter, stress is about you. It arises based on how you handle and perceive things. If you learn how to control your reaction, you win over stress. It sounds easy but I know it isn’t. So how do you control how your react to stressful situations?

The first thing you need to do is to remind yourself that you need to RELAX. After all, this is what you want to achieve. Start by gently repeating “relax”, in your mind when using alpha meditation. Every time you breathe out, say the word “relax” during your meditation. Repeat this over and over and you will notice that your body is now following your command. This acts as a suggestion where you have associated the “relax’ with the deep relaxation you were in while using Alpha meditation.

This word can now act as a cue or trigger whenever you’re facing a stressful situation. Say the word “relax” either verbally or mentally. Your mind creates the association with a deeply relaxed state and it triggers relaxation within you. Also you consciously remind yourself of what you need to do – remain relaxed. The moment you return to reacting to a stressor without any conscious choice, you lose the battle. Yes, this will be hard at first but your goal is to win the war over stress. Later on, this conscious decision to relax while facing a stressful situation will become an unconscious one.

This is why it is so important to get into high-quality deeply relaxed states or meditation each day  as it de-stresses you and teaches your brain, nervous system and body how to shift into this state of calm and recovery. The more you de-stress, the less reactive to stressful events and the more conscious you are. In the end, you’re not building up bad stress. This is a powerful positive feedback loop that puts you back in the driver’s seat of your life. You will feel so much more in control, calm, happy, confident and energised no matter what life throws at you.

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