How I overcame intense grief after the loss of my baby son using high quality deep relaxation Part 1


I presented at a Hope and Resilience conference at Griffith University Brisbane last weekend and delivered a simple message that high quality deep relaxation was the most underrated process for eliminating stress, physical and emotional healing, behaviour change and peak performance. I was amazed how most of the participants didn’t appreciate and use this and heartened they were inspired by my message.

Twenty three years ago a business I owned with my brother had just failed after two gruelling, stressful years of 7 days a week work. I was unemployed and in debt. The motor in my car blew up and we were being evicted from the house I was renting. One morning I got up and went to my first child, a beautiful three month old baby boy and found him dead in his cot. It turned out to be sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). The shock and grief were incredible. I literally had a broken heart… it physically hurt for a month.

About a week after he died there was a knock on the door and when I opened it, there was a lady standing there looking pretty scared and stressed. She introduced herself as a social worker from the local hospital making a routine visit due to my baby’s death. I didn’t expect her visit but I was struck by her demeanour.

I invited her in, made us a cup of tea and we talked. She was shocked at how together I was. I realised she looked so stressed and fearful as she was a compassionate woman. When she knocked on the door she was already tired and drained from the burden of her clients pain and so she braced for the inevitable misery she was about to walk into.

I was handling the stress of my situation as well as the intense grief as I was accessing high quality deep relaxation. It took at least 6 months to get over the strong grief and another 6 to fully recover. During that time I achieved a great deal. I have had other trauma and very stressful situations in my life where Ive managed it the same way. I have also seen its power with clients who were in physical pain, stressed to breaking point and hooked on several medications.

I will talk more about this next time along with the easiest way to access this high quality relaxation and exactly what it is.

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