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Hello my name is Jonathan Banks I have been successfully using neurotechnology as a

therapist and consultant for 21 years with kids and adults for remediation and healing, as

well as athletes  and executives for peak performance. You can use it too. The simplest

is brainwave entrainment CDs or Mp3s… you can get immediate positive results with.


Brainwave entrainment is a natural and gentle way to slow brain rhythms into the Alpha range to:

Rapidly and Effectively induce high quality states of deep relaxation.

I find the CDs very useful for myself for relaxation and meditation.  I use them with my patients to quickly facilitate a relaxed state that opens them up to the

healing process.”  Graham Killoran Pyschologist

Stress (even the stress of therapy/personal development) slows and inhibits all types of therapy and personal development.

Deep relaxation in all its forms is a powerful and effective therapy/empowerment process in itself.

However the biggest problem is that it requires the client/patient to learn a skill to get the benefit.

In most cases this proves too hard and so there is a high failure rate, even if you encourage them to learn relaxation, meditation self hypnosis etc.

Brainwave entrainment takes care of that because it naturally slows brain rhythms down and switches on the relaxation response without having to learn anything.

You put the headphones on lay back and listen…thats all it takes.

Your patients/clients can then benefit from the power of deep relaxation immediately and you help them to:

More profound
Healing and personal change

"My client was very depressed and having panic attacks, was unable to relax and had poor sleep.  The CDs improved his sleep,

increased his energy and eliminated panic attacks.  There has been substantial all round improvement." Jenny Jenkins Naturopath’

Entrainment is a scientifically proven process where specially modulated sounds entrain brainwaves into the same frequency range. If that is between 8 and 12 Hz then a person experiences an Alpha state associated with deep relaxation.

I created this Alpha entrainment 14 years ago and used a musical process to do so which makes it unique on the market and dramatically enhances its aesthetic quality and thus relaxation power. It is also mixed with music written for the entrainment.  

The other titles have a guided voice track along with the Alpha entrainment.

I have packaged five tracks into a Stress Antidote pack for the price of four retailing at US$119.80 CDs and $59.80 which includes:

Deep relaxation
Wind down

There are three other titles available:

Pain management and healing
Performance enhancement

All eight tracks are available separately retailing at US$29.95 CDs and US$14.95 Mp3s

“This is the best brainwave entrainment I have ever heard. Its excellent and much better than the renowned Holosync CDs. I have used the Alpha CD

with my clients and they love it for incredible relaxation.  Steve Lewis Life Coach

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Or simply purchase the CDs/Mp3s (at 50% retail) for yourself and use with your clients/patients.


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