Guided Imagery Meditation – A Different Meditation Experience


When you want to be good at something, say in a certain sport, you train everyday and practice your skills. This is the best way you can improve in your chosen sport and excel in the future. But have you heard of a form of meditation that allows you to train your body without actually doing it? It’s called guided imagery meditation.

Often called creative visualization, guided imagery meditation can be described as a vivid daydream – you are asked to visualize a scenario and as you go on, you body and you mind experiences it as if it was real. Normally, this form of guided meditation uses a script designed to slowly lead you from one progressive state to the next.

The magic ingredient here that transforms it from just day dreaming to something useful and powerful is an Altered State of Consciousness. This is any form of internalised state of mind along with a relaxed body (eg. meditation, deep relaxation, self hypnosis, and trance).

Research with elite athletes has shown that their muscles produce micro-movements in response to visualizing shooting a free throw in basketball. Some studies have shown that visualization is as effective as actually practicing it!

Here are 3 tips while practicing guided imagery meditation

  1. Infuse emotion.

    For instance, if you imagine yourself enjoying a soothing spa, focus on the feeling of being immersed in warm water. Smell the aromatic candles and incense burning around you. Smile as you tilt your head in relaxation brought by your spa bath. Make it as real as possible. Be in it.

  2. Let Go
    While listening to the guided imagery script, you have to allow yourself to lose control a bit. Let the guide lead you to where you need to feel or do. If it tells you to visualize lying down on the grass, lie down. Do it without hesitation. Slowly, your pulse rate, breathing, and blood pressure will start to decrease and your body will experience a different kind of relaxation.
  3. Do it regularly
    Practice makes perfect. Your subconscious needs constant reminders, so do it as often as you can. Later on, as you close your eyes and listen to the guided meditation music, your body instantly responds with relaxation, healing, and positivity

Try Rehearsal which is designed to focus you on your goals, aspirations and vision whatever that may be. It also includes the Alpha meditation music along with the guided meditation. There are some instructions that go with it helping you to create a success inventory of past success as well as writing down some goals or a vision of your future and in Rehearsal the memories of past success are accessed and the emotion is connected to your goals or vision to supercharge the visualisation. This is a powerful method used by high achievers.

Another excellent title is Pain Management and Healing full of powerful guided imagery to manage pain and even heal whatever issue you have.

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