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Hi thanks for taking the time to download my free report on relaxation and stress management and a free sample of my Alpha relaxation.

In the free report I tell you the 3 biggest secrets about stress management and what causes it and how to eliminate it quickly and easily with little effort. I also give you instructions for a powerful breathing technique to relax and revitalise.

The Alpha relaxation is made with special binaural brainwave entrainment frequencies in the Alpha range designed to gently slow your brainwaves into a deeply relaxed state.

You will find the music to be soothing and comforting. Just focus on the music and let the powerful brainwave entrainment gently sweep you away into deep physical and mental relaxation.

If your listening with an MP3 player or laptop go somewhere where its quiet, where you wont be disturbed and you can lay down or lay back comfortably, make sure you are warm and loosen any tight clothing.

If listening from your computer try and get as comfortable as possible lay on the floor if you can. Do not use while driving or operating any machinery.

This sample lasts for 10 minutes and will give you a taste of deep relaxation with brainwave entrainment. The full 30 min version is fully functioning and takes you on a journey that is much more powerful.


I hope you experience enough to feel the healing power of deep relaxation. This quickly drains away built up stress, tension and fatigue leaving you feeling calmer, clearer, happier, more energised and confident. In the other sessions in my Stress Antidote pack you are also guided by me through the most powerful relaxation process while being supported and encouraged with positive, uplifting, calming, relaxing, stress relieving affirmations and visualisations.

If this sample feels right to you then I urge you to take positive action and buy my Stress Antidote pack… so you can begin to feel calm, happy, switched on and in control again.

If at first your not sure then keep using it… you will find you get more out of it the more you use it.

Thank you and take care.

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Jonathan Robert Banks
Dip.T. Prim (Psych) Dip. Clin. Hyp.


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