Free breathing exercise to drain stress away


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Breathing exercises are very powerful and can create a strong relaxation effect if done properly they are excellent for:

  • Anxiety/agitation
  • Very deep tiredness
  • A very busy mind and you find it very hard to stop thinking
  • Improving concentration

My Breathing CD/Mp3 has the Alpha track and music with a guided breathing session. This is for ongoing deep stress reduction. It’s a 10 min sample so try it and if your get some benefit purchase my Stress Antidote pack or individual CDs/Mp3.

The bellows breath exercise is for short term anxiety relief and can be done sitting standing with eyes open or shut so basically you can do it anywhere anytime (within reason without looking too strange).

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Here are instructions for the breathing sample:

  • With the Breathing session focus on your diaphragm rising and falling
  • Keep the breathing even over the four beats, this is very important.
  • Do not inhale or exhale too quickly so you are waiting for the four counts to catch up while you are holding your breath in or out.
  • For calming make each breath small and very gentle whilst strictly maintaining the evenness within the four count.
  • For energizing make each breath large, whilst strictly maintaining the evenness within the four counts.
  • If you are very tired take big breaths and turn the volume up high.
  • Focus on your focus. If your mind wonders (which it will do) just bring it back to the task.
  • Always keep the breath even with the four beat count.
  • It can feel a little mechanical and awkward at first but keep doing it as you get used to it and it tends to sneak up on you and after 10 minutes you realize your relaxed.
  • Rhythmic breathing and the tempo of the count have both been scientifically proven to relax your nervous system.

Remember you don’t need to be stress. Deep relaxation is the most underrated and powerful way of getting rid of stress and all its nasty consequences.

You can start with this two FREE samples of my high-quality deep relaxation sessions and a free report (total value $29.95) yours absolutely FREE. Then, go ahead and purchase the Stress Antidote pack (with 5 titles for the price of 4) now and start feeling better.

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