All Forms of Meditations are not Equal


forms of meditation and Basic Meditation Poses

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Recently, a newsletter subscriber asked me a very relevant question. He wrote that despite doing Transcendental meditation (TM) on and off for 15 years he was still stressed.

Many forms of meditation that are available and taught today are very specialized and were used in very specific situations. In the same way, different meditation techniques have very different effects on the brain which has been demonstrated by research.

These specialized forms of meditation don’t always suit the person or perhaps the circumstances of their life. Practicing these meditations can cause imbalance. In yogic practice you do some physical exercises, then eyes open gazing, then eyes closed laying down deep relaxation. This practice prepares you for specialized meditation later on.

Deep relaxation is totally underestimated and undervalued. People think that meditation is where it’s at but deep relaxation is a form meditation. It is known as the yoga nidra (dead meditation)…it deeply relaxes your body and so powerfully de-stresses you.

The important thing about deep relaxation is that it is a powerful de-stressor. It drains away physical stress, emotional stress and mental stress. This is incredibly important in the modern world where there is a smorgasbord of powerful stressors that assault us every day. High quality deep relaxation de-stresses and prepares a foundation for more specialized meditation. It is essential as there is no way you can get the real benefits of meditation if you are too stressed.

Laying down in a comfortable position with eyes closed and allowing your body to be totally relaxed is so important. If you want to powerfully de-stress and feel much happier, switched on, calm and energetic, I strongly suggest you get my Stress Antidote pack.

All the titles use a powerful and evocative alpha brainwave entrainment. Alpha meditation is just the Alpha entrainment and music. Breathing is based on yogic breathing techniques. Deep relaxation, Wind Down and Recovery all use yogic body meditation, self-hypnosis, as well as NLP in a guided deep relaxation format to rapidly and deeply relax your mind and body.

Deep relaxation will give you profound recovery from the stresses of life and be a powerful form of meditation itself. Start now by downloading this FREE Alpha Brainwave Entrainment Music sample. To complete your meditation, purchase the Deep Relaxation CD/MP3 or the complete Stress Antidote pack

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