Are stress chemicals poisoning you? Eliminate them with a relaxation mp3


Eliminate stress chemicals with a relaxation mp3.

We have a natural built in stress antidote system in our bodies.

It’s called the autonomic nervous system. It has a stress system (sympathetic) and a relaxation system (parasympathetic)…this is what I call the natural built-in stress antidote system because it cleans up the mess from the stress system by triggering the relaxation response. However it needs 30 minutes to do this while the stress system can do its thing in 2 seconds. The stress antidote system falls way behind so you literally fill up with stress chemicals.

What are these stress chemicals?

When the stress system is triggered it makes a lot of physical changes occur in your body, like diverting blood flow and increasing muscle tension, increased blood pressure, heart rate, etc and the release of stress chemicals. Some of these chemicals are physically damaging to cells in your body. The cells most sensitive to this damage make up the Hypothalamus, which is a part of the brain that controls all your hormone activity and immune system. Over time the Hypothalamus struggles to manage things properly leading to adrenal burnout, thyroid problems PMT or PMS, weight problems, mood problems and many types of chronic illnesses, etc.

What is the most effective way of getting rid of the stress chemicals?

Brainwave entrainment is absolutely the easiest. You need something that will get you into states of high quality relaxation on a consistent basis straight away…without having to learn a skill and fail.

Its so easy…you put the headphones on lay back and allow the powerful brainwave entrainment gently slow your brain rhythms down simply by listening. This switches on your parasympathetic nervous system and begins the stress chemical clean up.

I have developed a series of relaxation mp3 or CDs  using this powerful cutting edge technology and put them together in my Stress Antidote pack. Go ahead and purchase a pack its very reasonably priced at $59 and start draining away all of that stress poison right away.

Remember you don’t need to be stressed!


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