Ambient Music is NOT Meditation Music


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Many entrainment tracks advertised and strongly promoted as meditation tracks are merely ambient music with an entrainment track recorded over it. As nice as many of this ambient music is, it will not put you into profound states of mediation because of the fact that it is ambient music and not for trance.

Ambient music has melodies with note transitions that progress too fast and are way too complicated to induce trance. Some even have various forms of percussion that is completely incompatible with deep meditation.

Deep trance induction needs very simple melodies that are unrecognisable with very slow sustained note progressions that repeat in a way that doesn’t draw attention to them. Trance music shouldn’t entertain the mind in any way as ambient music does albeit in a relaxing soothing way, it needs to totally entrance the mind. There is a fine line of drawing in the minds attention in just the right way.  Ambient music is for easy listening relaxing with eyes open or even closed but not deep profound meditation.

My alpha binaural entrainment music was written as trance music with and for the actual binaural entrainment it went with. It is not ambient music at all and it wasn’t just recorded on top of an entrainment track. Listen to the sample and compare it to other music that claims to produce deep trance and you will see that it sounds very different.

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