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Today I want to tell you about an exciting service Im offering called Alpha/Theta training and its a form of neurotraining (brainwave biofeedback) that powerfully mimics meditation practice by giving you real-time feedback when you are producing synchronous alpha and/or theta.

I used to do this 16 years ago with clients from the corporate and sports world who came to me and trained one-on-one for big dollars but now with the internet I can offer this training for you to do at home at a massively reduced cost to you.

So what is so special about synchronous alpha and theta?

Well all the EEG (brainwave ) studies done over the last 40 years with various meditation masters have demonstrated a key signature of meditation is synchronised brainwaves in the alpha and or theta range. When the same analysis was done with beginners, it showed they produced very little synchronous brainwaves. As their experience increased from 5, 10, to 20 years the amount of synchronous alpha and theta they produced during meditation increased and spread from the back to the front of the head.

Alpha theta brainwave training allows a beginner to mimic this production of synchronous alpha and theta and the spreading ability of a master using the feedback. You can achieve the same results in a few moths it normally takes 15 to 20 years…this is a revolution!!!!

Bill Harris the guy who made a fortune with the slogan “Mediate like a Zen Monk” to sell his Holosynch brainwave entrainment CDs did Alpha brainwave biofeedback training and was so impressed her wrote to all his customers raving about it and encouraging them to go and do it!

This service isn’t for everyone.

Its for people who want to meditate but cant despite their best efforts. People who want to start and are looking for the most effective way. Experienced meditators who want to take it to the next level. People who are serious about their personal development and have done every type of behavioural and mind programming work.

If you want to meditate, believe in it, think its a good idea, understand its benefits, perhaps you have been advised to do so for health or personal development reasons. You have probably tried to learn several… even many times but just can’t get much from it. You either crash into sleep and perhaps feel messy afterwards or you just can’t switch your mind off and let go. So either way you haven’t learned to do it and you aren’t getting any of the benefits you know you can get if only you could do it.

The Dalai Lama believes that neuroscience will help improve Buddhist techniques and has set up research with neuroscientists to accelerate development.

Your dedicated and have been meditating for a few or many years and want to take it to the next level. Your meditations are good but they haven’t progressed for years and you want to go deeper and experience the stillness of the silence and greater health, mental and personal/spiritual development benefits of profoundly deep meditation at a greater level of mastery.

Your serious about your personal development and always on the lookout for something that will give you an edge or take you to the next level in peak performance. You have gone to workshops, done every form of behavioural and mental programming work, maybe you have used self hypnosis, subliminal or brainwave entrainment CDs. You have read every book on success, personal development, motivation, mental programming and/or spirituality. When you have done everything else now its time to do the most powerful thing you can do that will supercharge everything you have already learned.

Maybe you want to start learning meditation and don’t have the time to go to classes and learn the traditional slow way that will take you years. You want to know about the fastest most powerful and effective way to learn meditation in the privacy of your home with expert guidance and rapidly progress to mastery and enjoy all the benefits sooner rather than later.

“I feel happy, healthy, confident and in control.  The training empowered me to create my vision.”David Green.  National Sales and Marketing Manager. 

How does it work?

Using a miniaturised EEG (brainwave ) device the size of an Mp3 player that runs wirelessly on your computer or laptop you put one or two tiny sensors on your head and your brainwaves are analysed by the software in real-time. You lay back with your eyes closed and a tone plays when you produce synchronous alpha and/or theta. You simply focus on the tone with the intention to switch it on. Your brain does the rest. The more you produce the louder the tone. Your brain knows what the tone means so it enables your brain to rapidly learn to turn the tone on more, which means you are producing more synchronous alpha and/or theta. The more synchronous alpha and/or theta you produce the deeper the meditative state you go into, the more focussed and quiet your mind becomes, which enables you to lock onto the tone, which means you produce more synchronous alpha and theta, which means your in a deeper more profound state of meditation. The deeper you go the more powerful and profound the benefits.

Can you see the reinforcing feedback loop here!

Brainwave feedback supercharges your brain’s ability to learn and in this case its learning to go into profound states of meditation where an aspect of that state is rock solid focus and a quiet mind. They are just part of the physiology of synchronous alpha and/or theta. This focus is an essential part of learning to meditate and deepening your meditations. In traditional training you spend years just trying to gain this sort of focus or quiet mind let alone accessing deep states!

Each session you do gets better as you find you are going through a rapid learning curve. Even better after a few months you are able to do it without the feedback as you have learnt a skill. Alpha/theta training is learning and meditation. You learn to meditate quickly and powerfully with rock solid ability. That is absolutely awesome.

Why is this better than learning meditation the traditional way?

The brain learns everything by feedback. The more instant quality feedback you get the faster you learn. If you learn how to use new software without a manual or video to guide you its all trial and error. If you had someone there to guide you its so much quicker.

The problem with traditional meditation is that a teacher cant actually guide you while your meditating. Guided meditations isn’t the teacher guiding you to meditate they are going through processes that help you get into a state. This is ok for people who can visualise but if you cant you don’t get much benefit and you don’t learn. They can tell you what to do but you don’t get feedback re your progress while your doing it. A teacher can only encourage you to stick with the particular practice. Stay focussed on your breath…allow all thoughts to just flow don’t get caught in them, visualise a peaceful place, etc.

How you went and how you feel afterwards is based on your subjective experience…so its a very slow process. Remember the brain learns the fastest from real-time accurate feedback. Imagine with neurotraining you are receiving constant objective feedback of how much synchronous alpha and/or theta you are producing… second by second for the entire session, each and every session. This does not depend on any particular process like visualising, mantra or counting down, etc. It goes straight to the physiology of meditation…how much synchronous alpha or theta you can produce.

Imagine how quickly that accelerates your learning and how deep your meditations can be and how profound the benefits would be.

In normal mindfulness meditation for many it takes years to still their mind enough that it makes a difference. Yet just a few neurotraining sessions and you can feel how quiet and still your mind becomes. This makes it incredibly easy to start practicing mindfulness at a higher level, as you aren’t trying, its just happening…your mind is still and quiet so you just are more in the present whatever your doing. This is a high level of mastery that people practice for years and years to achieve and the vast majority never achieve no matter how hard they try!

Alpha/theta training is so powerful it has been used in secret with elite US Army commandoes.

These high achieving tough guys got so much out of it they did extra training during their free time when they would normally be playing sport or just resting.

The executives and athletes I trained all experienced powerful and remarkable effects like:

  • ·         Greater physical and mental energy
  • ·         Improved focus and concentration
  • ·         Increased creativity and problem solving ability
  • ·         Improved interpersonal skills
  • ·         Improved relationships with spouses, children and work colleagues

They reported feeling so much more:

  • ·         Happier
  • ·         Confident
  • ·         Optimistic
  • ·         Calm
  • ·         Clear headed and switched on

They all said it was the most powerful thing they ever did and had the greatest impact on their performance and ability at work or in sports. Most of these guys were not into meditation at all they didn’t believe in it yet now they were proud of their skill and what it had opened up in them. Many said they would never had believed they would be into this and if I had tried to sell them on this in the beginning they would have laughed me out of their office.

See more testimonials here.

For those of you who like this the software graphs each session so you can look at how you went and compare what was going on in your brain to what you felt and how it affected you afterwards. This is valuable feedback in itself. You can also graph your progress over sessions to see how you are increasing the alpha and theta with each session…again valuable feedback.

If you are interested in doing this training email or call me and we can discuss a program for you. There are limited places so I can give clients the very best attention to maximise their results. So don’t hesitate… call or email now. Im offering a 100% Money Back Guarantee as I am totally confident you will be incredibly impressed but if not you can have your money back.

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