Achieving Peace of Mind with Alpha Music Meditation


With constant regular use of my Alpha music meditation pack, you will experience a lot of positive changes, including peace of mind. Here is one testimony from Ms. Tesia Pawlus, one of the many people who has experience the benefits of this powerful product.

I was reading an article on stopping unwanted thoughts in a popular health magazine. I was perplexed how it stated that you can stop the thoughts simply by thinking how they affect you and make you feel, it suggested practicing thought stopping every day. The article then added that some people needed more help to stop thoughts that bothered them. It ended by stating to seek help from a doctor or therapist.

Stopping thoughts and thinking about how they affect you – sure it may have its merits but trying this only perpetuates another thought and so another thought cycle is entered. As for thought stopping, this indeed takes a major conscious decision. Seeing a doctor; what is he or she going to do – prescribe drugs! A therapist? Sure they may assist but it is a matter of undoing some 20+ years of patterns of behavior which is not easy, nor cheap. I should know I tried this and over time the old thought patterns returned.

For those of you into astrology, well I’m a Gemini – key phrase being “I think”, so stopping thoughts was no easy task. I have also practiced traditional meditation and my goodness it was difficult not to think. It was rebelling and often left me feeling nauseous up to an hour afterwards. Needless to say I gave the practice up.

A year ago I tried Alpha Brainwave Music Meditation, and it does work in stopping the unwanted thought process, mind more clear, peaceful and focused. It really is a brilliant way to simply release and move on. It acts as a catalyst to use with therapy or traditional meditation techniques too.

Jonathan’s alpha music meditation CD/MP3 is your pathway to a clear and focused mind eliminating the negative consuming thoughts. It just takes 30 minutes of your day to listen high-quality MP3s and CDs – which use cutting edge binaural beat brainwave entrainment.

If you want to experience this for yourself, downloading this FREE Alpha Brainwave Entrainment Music sample. To complete your meditation, purchase the complete Stress Antidote pack.

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