Frequently Asked Questions


What is this natural built-in stress antidote system we have in our bodies?

Its called the autonomic nervous system. It has a stress system (sympathetic) and a relaxation system (parasympathetic)…this is what I called the natural built-in stress antidote system because it cleans up the mess from the stress system by triggering the relaxation response. However it needs 30 minutes to do this while the stress system can do its thing in 2 seconds. The stress antidote system falls way behind so you begin to fill up with stress chemicals.

What is the chemical poison you are talking about?

When the stress system is triggered it makes alot of physical changes occur in your body like diverting blood flow and increasing muscle tension, increased blood pressure, heart rate, etc and the release of stress chemicals. Some of these chemicals are physically damaging to cells in your body. The cells most sensitive to this damage make up the Hypothalamus, which is a part of the brain that controls all your hormone activity and immune system. Over time the Hypothalamus struggles to manage things properly leading to adrenal burnout, thyroid problems PMT or PMS, weight problems, mood problems and many types of chronic illnesses, etc.


How does the bad built up stress cause so many problems?

Because so many physical changes occur and if your natural stress antidote system cant return things to normal again, over time those changes remain permanent. Also because of the big affect it has over your hormonal and immune systems. All of this combined affects your body in so many ways on so many different levels that over time it produces such a wide range of problems and contributes to so many different chronic illnesses or makes them worse if you already suffer from them.


If stress is so bad why do we have a built-in stress system?

Firstly stress isn’t bad its a survival mechanism and a motivating force. What is bad is the unnatural build up of stress in your body…what I call the bad stress. The reason the stress system works so fast is to protect you. If you stepped out onto the curb and a car was racing towards you and you react instantly jumping out of the way just in time…thats your stress system working for you. It had to happen in 2 seconds otherwise its not going to save you. All the physical and chemical changes are designed for fast physical action to either fight or run from a danger, known as the fight/flight response. A few minutes after you automatically jumped out of the way you notice your heart is pounding, your trembling, your mouth maybe dry, hands are cold and clammy, maybe you feel a little dizzy and even sick in the stomach. These are all the effects of the physical and chemical changes in your body.

In an ideal world if you could lie down and rest for 30 minutes without obsessing over what just happened your natural built-in stress antidote system would reverse all the changes and mop up all the left over stress chemicals. As this usually doesn’t happen they build up which is bad. To make matters worse, we as people obsess and get angry or upset about things, which trigger the stress response. Also stressors don’t have to be physical dangers they can be anything that upsets or frightens you. The more stressed you are over time the more easily your stress response fires off and the more stressed you become and the more easily you obsess.


If I get the Stress Antidote pack what do I have to do?

Simply put some headphones on, lay back in a comfortable chair or lay down with your eyes closed and just listen…your doing it! That’s all you have to do, just let the special brainwave rhythms do it for you!


When is the best time to do it?

It could be anytime that suits you. For many people first thing in the morning is good as it is done before anything else demands your time and the relaxation sets you up for the rest of the day. The afternoon, after work or before sleep are good times too.


I relax watching TV, playing video games or surfing the net, isn’t that good enough?

This is not the same, this is mind numbing rest, not true deep physical and mental relaxation created by triggering the built in relaxation response that puts you into a state of rapid recovery, drains away stress and balances your nervous system. These may help by distracting you, but it does not offer the deep relaxation you need.


My life is too busy or Im too tired – so I don’t have time to relax.

If you are an extrovert you become more frantic and try and do more and more. If you are an introvert you do less and less, these are symptoms of accumulated stress. Either way you become less effective and more stressed. Both will say they don’t have time to relax usually because they don’t know how to relax properly in a highly effective way.

It’s like the story of the people who pass a man sawing wood. They see he has a huge pile that he has already sawed but still has an even bigger one to saw. They notice his saw is blunt. They say “why don’t you sharpen your saw; you will get the job done faster”, and he replies, “I don’t have time; I have too much wood to saw!”


What about taking vitamins, supplements or drugs to combat stress?

Supplements and vitamins will make a difference if your diet is lacking but you still need high quality relaxation. Even if your diet is reasonable…vitamins, supplements, herbs or drugs are ok in the very short term. Vitamins, herbs and supplements are better than drugs as they are often more gentle in their effects on your body but a chemical approach is nothing like triggering the built-in relaxation response that finely tunes your brain, nervous system and body from the inside the way it was meant to. You feel so much better as you feel calm, yet switched on. Taking sedative herbs or drugs may calm you but you can also be foggy and dopey. Substances that stimulate can leave you feeling agitated and strung out. In all cases they only manage symptoms and do not drain away the accumulated stress, which is causing all the problems. High quality relaxation is the answer.


Is brainwave entrainment safe?

Yes, absolutely. It is completely natural. Scientists discovered it in the early 1930’s, but people have known about it for thousands of years. Most people have experienced certain sounds like waves rolling on a beach, rain on a roof, the babbling of water or other rhythmic sounds that have a calming rejuvenating effect. Scientists discovered exactly what these frequencies are and we can produce them in the studio and record them with evocative, calming music written especially to create a simple to use CD or MP3. The only thing you should never do is listen to them while driving or operating machinery.


Can I be too relaxed?

No not really because true relaxation is where you are calm yet switched on, happy confident and effective. So you can chill out when the time is right or launch into effective action when you need or want to.


Is this addictive?

No a natural mechanism is not addictive you cannot be addicted to deep relaxation and stress relief it just doesn’t work like that.


What about using those visual relaxation graphics and movies on Youtube?

They can be relaxing for some people and good for a quick 5 minute relaxation. But they don’t relax deep enough. You need full body and mind relaxation with eyes closed. This has the deepest most powerful relaxing, calming and stress relief effect to drain away the bad poisonous built-up stress you are carrying around in your body that is making you sick and tired.


I’m already on medication or herbs etc can I still use the CDs/MP3s?

Yes absolutely. If you are using mood altering, sedative or stimulant drugs/herbs you can slowly reduce them as you drain away bad built-up stress with high quality deep relaxation, with the support of your health care professional. You will notice how much better it feels to be calm, happy and switched on from deep relaxation rather than from drugs or herbs, there is no comparison. It feels so much better and is natural!


What about visualisation?

This can be very good but to be taken out of the realm of day dreaming and supercharge its effects you must be in a state of deep physical and mental relaxation. Research has shown this is much more effective than just visualising alone. Some of my CDs/MP3s guide you into visualisation for a very pleasurable and powerful effect.


What about affirmations?

The same goes for these as visualisation. Some of my CDs/MP3s beautifully accommodate supportive and positive affirmations.