3 Action Steps To Deal with Stress


By this time, you now have a clear idea how much of your stress is caused by outside influences, and how much is caused by your own habits and perceptions. And as I’ve explained before, some of it actually comes from within you.

Allow me to share some great ways to deal with stress, whether the causes are from your outer circumstances or within you. First you could list all the stressors in your life in two columns… controllable and uncontrollable. In other words ones you can change by doing something different and ones you can’t change so you have to accept and change your perception of them.

  1. Take action to make changes.
    When a situation or person is causing you to feel stressed, you might be able to turn it around. Say, getting to work every day is stressful for you because of the traffic and other things. You can eliminate this by looking at the scenario; assess what needs to be changed for the good in order to avoid the situation. One simple solution is to avoid staying up late so you can get up early. Formulate a game plan and learn to adjust to it.
  2. Change your perception.
    In the movie ‘Smurfs 2’, Grouchy Smurf, during their mission, decided to change his perception about the things around him and turn positive. It wasn’t easy, as the strain on his face when smiling said it all, but he got there in the end. The lesson is you can change your perception if you choose to but you have to work at it. The more calm, energised and positive you feel the easier it is to change your perceptions and behaviours.
  3. Accept it.
    No one fought gravity and won. There are some things you cannot change. They are constant and will always exist as long as we live – things like traffic, weather, your family, in-laws, etc. The only thing we can do is accept and adapt. The more calm and switched on you are the more forgiving and accepting of self and others you are.

Remember, you can’t always change situations, so the challenge becomes to change yourself so it doesn’t bother you as much or at all. But one thing you can change is your stress levels. My Stress Antidote pack (in CD or MP3) can help you cope up with stress. Made with special binaural brainwave entrainment frequencies, listening to my Stress Antidote pack will give you deep profound physical and mental relaxation.

De-stressing, calming and energising yourself enables you to cope better with stress, as you are more confident and therefore better at taking action and less reactive.

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